Happy Chickens = Healthier You!


I am sorry my posts are few and far between lately.  Sometimes our energies are required elsewhere and you have to go with what is right for you during those times.  Today my energy is focused on chickens and eggs!  I will talk more about energy in a later post 😉

I wanted to take a second and share something with you today.  Since my husband and I decided to leave our vegan life behind we also decided to make the least cruel choices we could when it came to nourishing our bodies.  The least cruel for the animals and our environment.  Our first step was to start buying local eggs.  We either get them from our local farm, farmers market or a friend who owns a few chickens.  These chickens live the lives they are meant to.  They get to roam around, forage and adored by their owners.  I found a video for you all that you may find interesting and if you have not already made the choice to eat better eggs maybe this will help guide you in making better choices when it comes to your egg purchases.

Now if that video wasn’t convincing then look at these facts.  According to a study done by Mother Earth News where they compared free-range eggs to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrient data for commercial eggs; this is what they found;

Not only are eating free range eggs better for the chicken but clearly better for you.  In the picture above you can easily see which one is from a free range chicken.  The color is bright orange and exceeds the taste of the eggs from the mistreated chickens.    Free range organic eggs have also been said to boost fertility because of the healthy fats the eggs contain.

By making better choices we are not only creating healthier bodies but also showing the  industrial egg farmers that we have the power, and will not be fooled by their labels promising organic free range chickens.  Researching where our food comes from is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, the environment and the poor animals that get the brunt or our consumer needs and wants.

Peace, Love and Research!



4 thoughts on “Happy Chickens = Healthier You!

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